I have to change rom? changes or improvements brings me?

Until very recently, rom change your android was difficult for many people, but everything is moving and there is a program for android and windows cyanogenmod called installer that changes your rom without doing anything special to follow the simple steps that will require.

It is clear that not only exists as a creator of roms cyanogenmod, but there are hundreds of chefs creating their roms for many mobile or tablets and updates practically every day take their custom roms, which are installed traditionally, bone entering the recovery and installing hand.

I believe that you should change rom if :

– You want change the typical lock screen by rings and put shortcuts to applications

rings android lock screen

– prefer that the battery icon is a circle or give you the % Remaining battery

battery icon

– You want I have pre-installed recovery without having to do it manually

– You want be root soon after starting your new rom without doing anything

– A rom optimized to improve the flow and reduce the lag your phone almost 0 (a good example is the galaxy ace 2 rom and I already here)

Having a menu-restart shutdown-restart recovery and capture screen just holding down the button on / off mobile.

mobile menu off

– Start the music player automatically when connecting headphones

– Calibrating the screen color or gamma correction.

display calibration

Changing the frequency of cpu, putting maximum and minimum speed to save battery.

cpu frequency change

– Optimizations Ram, change the voltages for charging via USB

– You need that bluetooth function to connect in the car (I have cyanogenmod for this reason)

Changing colors LED notification battery, sms, mails

LED change colors

– Power Add plus or change 3 buttons back-home-recent and order

change navigation buttons

– Modify the quick access panel completely to your liking

– Add the Foot Control, you can modify to your taste

pie control

You should not change the rom if you do not like:

– Having possible failures or bugs in mobile and having to wait to get it fixed

– That will not work something you use a lot

– Having to upgrade the ROM to the latest version and be aware of when updated

Si no te importa que versión de android tengas mientras puedas enviar correos y funcione todo aunque vaya lento.

No poder actualizar a la ultima versión de android por que el cocinero aun no ha puesto una rom sin fallos.

Has encontrado esta noticia por casualidad y puede que ni hayas llegado a leer esta linea 😉

Anyway, me dejo cosas seguramente, ya iré actualizando según vea o me digáis vosotros mediante vuestros comentarios!

Creo que vale la pena cambiar de rom, no?


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