Tablet Motorola Xoom 2 10.1 version Wifi analysis (review)

motorola xoom 2

I own this Tablet since January, Y, I can say that is a good pileup, although with limitations.

I can say that the design is good, but ... .cuesta lot of getting used to the buttons on and off, like volume buttons. They are too close together, hidden and when you've already given several laps screen (sensors that brings to orient the screen depending on how lean the Tablet), it is difficult to find the button again to return it on or off.

design, It is the only downside I see you, since itself is very nice and attractive.

To my taste I think it lacks verve, speed, you do not load the apss fast-paced and screen transitions are not quick, although, with the last update 0.268.4 they have drawn ago 15 days, it has gained in stability and speed, noticeable, and much.

The wifi has never failed me, perfect, bluetooth try to connect to my phone and could not (I have to try with the new update to see if it will).With this latest update 0.268.4, Now you can take off the Tablet while charging the battery, thing with the original version does not.

The potential weakness, (according to who sees necessary) is that you can not put more memory, so if you have 16 Gb, it's what you'll always.

The camera does not do photos of your life, camera and say you have are correct, But nothing more, many are pixilated or very dark according to the brightness.

Charging the battery involves a whole 4h, may 5h, but then hard enough if you do not get to play games that require full power as the "Sentinel". To navigate, videos you can last longer than a week without powering off.

The usual tricks to save battery power is to put the minimum brightness, Y the good news is that not notice anything. High brightness or low trick looks maravilla.Otro, (eye, wifi only version) is always put it in airplane mode, as it has no 3G, saving a lot on drums.

It has a software called Motocast, a system like iCloud (Apple) or Dropbox so we understand, also it works very well.

She wears a mini-hdmi , mini-USB and headphone jack.

The sound quality is good, pulling to normality.

Internet browsing is magnificent, very fast, as well as the gmail, Hotmail or youtube.

Final summary:
I think it's a good Tablet, which has improved with the last update, while waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwitch , this falling. Do not like it if you need more storage, not if you expect a great camera to take pictures, but otherwise is doing well.

Final note: 7



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