Sony Xperia Arc S analysis (review)

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

I own this phone since March and I can not complain much but has 1 drawback I think it's very important.


It's a nice design, definitely, and access buttons are well placed even if it costs a little put charging the battery, I say a little, because I have never managed to put the first, It is a mini-USB input tight, although, the truth, not very important.


Here it comes that could be considered the first failure, the memory. It has internal memory 1Gb, but really only a user are free to 330MB, after 1 month and a half to my left me now free 76,44Mb. As well It has 512MB of RAM, of which I now get 50MB, giving very little room for maneuver.

I have installed 50 applications, what, perhaps someone will seem outrageous, but I am sure that those who have less. I'll do a post with my applications other day.

The camera, here I have to take my hat, It is the best I've seen so far all I've tried. It has a high image quality in all situations posibles.Realmente worth.

Otherwise…cpu 1,4 Ghz, camera of 8 Mp, (It has no front camera for video conferencing), mini-hdmi, sharing 3G Internet signal to other devices via WiFi, battery 1500 mAh, 4,2 inches…

The sound quality is amazing, really is another noteworthy aspect of this mobile.

Final summary:

It's a good Mobile, but will loose memory, waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwitch, what (as we read on the website of sony) and they say they consume more RAM and more CPUs…Oh my!!.

good camera, good sound, It is flexible and not fall asleep, fast Internet browsing, The battery can last two days quietly (unless work is mobile…as we all go)

Xperia analysis once actualizado a Ice Cream Sandwitch, You can read it in this post.

Final note: 7




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