Solution to high battery consumption google play services

It happens sometimes that after an upgrade version of android or a small patch installed either manually or via ota see the battery starts to spend in an exaggerated way because the app Google Play Services, spending an 35% or more and even the screen.

We can make choices 1,2 Y 3 one after another, the option 4 It is the most restrictive because it limits the time to reach you in certain apps, the 5 It is independent if you do not want to touch anything and 6 It is most effective when there is no way to fix it.

Option 1 : There is a simple option for fix the battery drain your android And it is cleaning data storage services google play.

google services battery

We must go to Applications google-play-services manage space and Clear All Data.

I can speak knowledgeably works, as It has happened to me recently when updating a patch of android. He was doing this and everything returned to normal even without restarting the phone after doing so. One day after erasing all data, we can go to settings-battery and check it changed consumption.

Option 2 : If our permits recovery, either a factory recovery or modified one should make a wipe cache partition o wipe cache o clear cache. Recall that the cache does not affect anything and can be removed without problems.

Option 3 : We can also go to google-account-settings and enter data synchronizations and disable those services that do not use. For example if you use “synchronize data from google fit”, deactivate , and so those who do not use.

servicios google play bateria

Option 4 : Disable location services and let be located only with GPS, It is made from settings-access location-location-mode single device (GPS).

Option 5 : There is an application that tries to solve the battery drain google play services with a few small requirements:

Option 6 : The easiest of all as there is no way to fix it, Formatting mobile and restore the factory image from settings-backup / restore where we have to make a backup of the data from the internal memory (sd not cleared)

NOTE: If you still not been solved, let comment to investigate other possible solutions.



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