Which means enable OEM unlock and how to turn it on android

There is a relatively new option called “Enable OEM unlock” within development options Android from version Marshmallow 6.0. When you enable this option, posibilitas the power to unlock the bootloader Mobile or android tablet and then to give the root or put a different rom the factory
This change in Android comes by an Act of 2014 in California that required to put this option to sell phones in that state with aim to improve safety, and hence it has jumped everyone.

It can also cause problems if you have not enabled and an updated version of android goes wrong (battery run out in the middle of update…), unrecoverable problems and also the possibility of having a brick for a mobile and having to go through the service like it or not.

To access the developer mode, go to settings-about phone and press 7 times in a row in build number.

Once upgraded to android nougat 7.0 , we can see 3 different results on the OEM release as we have done before:

1 – Possibility to activate or stop the release oem disabled (image 1). Out if you've never unlocked the bootloader before.

2 – No possibility of change, since this gray but before upgrading what you had activated (image 2). This option comes out when you had it before updating enabled and allows flash any file without problems.

In this case, the last thing to do in that case is “restore default settings” because it causes a hard brick that not only may be repaired in technical service and have to change the motherboard of the mobile with a new IMEI.

3 – No possibility of change, since this gray but before updating it tapeworms NOT activated. this option would be the worst, no longer allows to flash anything and the only way to fix it would return to the previous version of android that if you could.

Definitely, whether or not your goal unlock the bootloader, not less have it always enabled case, since no negative consequences activate.

Did it happen to someone else? comentad to see if together we solve problems of this type.



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