How to root the tablet Asus ZenPad Z300c, Z170c and Z370c (CG included)

Let's see how the root is done in a fairly simple way to asus tablets ZenPad Z300C, Z170c y modelos Z370c of CG. What it cost me was to install the Android driver when we put the tablet in fastboot mode.

necessary preparations

  • We got off the pack of root or root required for our model
  • We follow this tutorial manual preparation for root from step 2.
  • Copy the downloaded .img file in root folder. Plattform android sdk-tools we have installed.
  • Also we activate the settings to install unknown applications.
  • This process does not format android, only the rootea and everything stays the same.

PROCESS TO ROOT ZenPad ASUS Z300, The Z170 Z370

1 – With the tablet PC connected to the USB debug mode, We open a DOS console and go to the same installation path sdk previous manual that I have linkeado up. Try writing “adb devices” and you should definitely check out the serial num tablet.

2 – Adb reboot-bootloader write, the tablet will restart in fastboot mode (also it works by turning off the tablet by pressing volume and snatching + and power button at the same time a 10 seconds). Here you will see that Windows starts to detect and attempt to install a new driver that probably will not find and here comes the main headache, because the rest are 5 minutes .

3 – in windows 7 I had to manually install the USB driver from Device Manager “android composite driver” from the menu action-add hardware add-next-add manually-next-use disk: C:\android sdktools extras google usb_driver and select one of the 3 leaving (I do not remember which was, I am sorry)

NOTE: if you observe the unknown driver switches on and off continuously usb, You do not panic, It used to happen to me too.

for windows 8 O 10 it's more complicated, But we have this video:

4 – If we have managed to install the missing driver, Now comes the easy, We open the console again and now write msdos:

fastboot devices will confirm that the tablet is properly connected and recognized
fastboot oem unlock and intro
fastboot oem unlock confirm and intro
fastboot boot root-v2-z300c.img and intro
Listo ! , remove the USB cable and restart the tablet

5 - Go to Play Store and install the SuperSU, update binaries in normal mode and ready!!


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