Solve problems with wifi router for connecting multiple mobile devices

Imagine you have connected to the router of our house 2 mobile, Smart TV, a PC and a tablet and each uses a local network IP to connect to the internet. It may happen that one of the phones stop working and have to reboot to work with wireless internet on mobile or other device…

The solution to avoid conflicts of ip, was put static ip instead of dhcp or dynamic. How it is done?

From your android smartphone you must go to settings-Wifi, keep your finger above our house connection until “modify Network”. In the next window that appears, we move down, and see that puts “Show Advanced Options”, we mark Y later change in “ip settings” by “static IP”.

In static IP, to look out for your home range ips, it is usual that your IP range is 192.168.1.X, (X can be any number of 1 al 254) and your gateway is, and it could be you had 192.168.0.X and or different.

To know what your range, from your pc, you'll Accessories- Prompt and write “ipconfig” and intro. Also in the browser or Windows Run and write cmd intro.

saber la ip de windows

The data that we enter the mobile android are as follows:

1 – IP : O (It depends on your ip range)

2 – Gateway: O (It depends on your ip range)

3 – Bit length: 24 (It will always be the same)

4 – DNS1 : O (It depends on your ip range)

5 – DNS2 : O They are public dns Google (no need to put)



The next mobile, tablet or TV, you should do the same, but changing the 50 by 60, 70, 80…etc…but do not put the 10 O 20 to avoid possible future problems.

In this way we 1 mobile with, another with, the tablet with… and will prevent any device lose the internet connection anymore.

In the Smart TV and other devices, we go to the Network Configuration menu and put a fixed ip. In the TV usually ask the netmask also:

1 – IP: O (It depends on your ip range)

2 – RED mask: (It will always be the same)

3 – Gateway or DNS : O (It depends on your ip range)

– in IOS: go into settingsWifi. then click the icon to the right of the name of the connection, after the tab static and fill data.

On Windows Phone: We are going to ConfigurationWifiAdvanced, select the connection you want to edit and enter data.

I have solved the problem of internet?

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