Compilation of possible problems and solutions for your Google Nexus 4 LG

Before buying my nexus 4, I read a lot about the subject, and I found all, many comments that everything would be well, and many others who asked for replacement… Here are all the faults found:

To say that everything I put here, what happens to me is noise to shake maraca, and definitely the bluetooth in the car does not work with Jelly Bean 4.2.2, purchased 28-2-2013.

Something happened to me once was that while it was carrying, the screen lit stayed and the power button did not work to turn it off, then I had to turn it off and on again and has not done more.


I will not push notifications wirelessly or do not appear until the display lights: Well I can say that mine does not have that problem, or I've configured so that never happens. As I have? because with the Juice Defender, an application that is not updated since January 2012, but it still works surprisingly well. La opción para mantener el wifi encendido aunque la pantalla esté apagada es desde Controles-Mantener activo y marcar Wifi.

There are other options as those indicated in this post how to make mobile not enter sleep mode or deep sleep.

Bluetooth car did not catch the contacts of the agenda and can not make hands-free calls: Very true, this has happened to me, so I can say that is true, although, not how or why, one day I was in the car, I miss the typical notification “a bluetooth device asks permission to share the agenda”, my eyes shone with excitement, I gave accept and voila!! it works now, but this after 1 week doing tests. Update 15-03-2013: Definitely not going, if you see the agenda but no call from the car, You can not cancel calls even if you can speak…anyway…a disaster!!. Nor the 4.2.2 nor with 4.3.

Update 15-11-2013: I just put the Rom SlimRom Android 4.3.1 and operates the end bluetooth..por!!!!

The audio Nexus is not perfect and a small background noise is heard: You are right,I have it and it is also very curious that the sound quality leaves much to be desired, I used to my xperia arc s, It is too bad.

Another peculiarity is that We shook el smartphone, hear something, (como una maraca) which moves inside, It is slot fabric card sim..vaya, no?, for so noise is solved:

Make many pictures and very straight makes you stop to take pictures until you restart the nexus 4 : I can not attest to that, because I do not usually do these things, if much 4 O 5 in a short time and to something else.

overheating: Good, That happened to me with htc sensation, but not with this. So if you burn very hot and you hand, ask for replacement

Update 15-11-2013: Or it may be an application that is sucking the battery and resources, it happened to me!!

Screen something yellowish: It depends on how annoying it is, you can ask for replacement. compare it with another mobile before.

Restarting the terminal : Mobile restarts when he wants, this is similar to a windows, because when that happens, he 90% of the time it is due to a hardware failure…although, first of all, try a factory reset from settings, but it solves, it is best to ask for replacement.

And you, as you will ? It happened to you something that I detail here?



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