That can happen if I delete or uninstall apps factory when I am root ?

Being root on android is wonderful, but always keep some care with it, it all depends on you do once we have absolute power over our mobile or tablet.

What tends to happen if we're rookies or the first time rooteamos, It is to eliminate all those apps that are tired of seeing and did not use it for anything, but I look at this detail:

1 – We recently bought a cell phone, with kitkat 4.4.2, full of android applications that are useless, our first impulse after seeing there is space occupying inutimente …remove! . Well id carefully because when the long-awaited new version of Android comes llevais waiting for months, chances are that you update an error and tengais to battle hard time looking for the solution to a problem that will have generated ourselves.

The simple reason is that many updates system, They require all that was installed before you can install the update, and as they are not, that error. That causes a huge frustration and a waste of time to put everything in order, When the solution was to disable or freeze.

dangers of root


2 – Another thing that can happen, is that also remove an application of which already have surrogate; for example using SwiftKey keyboard instead of google, to remove it because we will not use anymore…but that one day we make a factory reset and when we ask ourselves the login gmail…WE CAN NOT WRITE! , and, I happened recently….

Anyway, are things to keep in mind and avoid headaches in the future…




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