System applications that we can eliminate or remove Sony Xperia Arc S when you're root?

I do not think this post only serve for the Xperia Arc S with ICS, surely serve for other models 2011 Sony, so if you see any App that this here, it is safer ye can also delete. Remember, what most of these apps we removed the system, They are those that are running in the background without your beeches installed and are consuming your resources and your battery.

My idea for this entry, is that you reading this news, you go writing what you have successfully deleted from your system applications in the comments, in order to make a reliable database and that works for everyone.





The only motive I have is the Xperia Arc S, so I'll put what I have removed and has not given me problems. I used the Root Uninstaller For that. I followed the procedure is to select a filter that only shows you the system apps, then I entered an App, I have given details, I forced the arrest of Service, then I made a backup and then uninstall. If you want to do a full backup with Titanium Backup and then remove applications without further, It is also an option.

Android ICS system applications that can be deleted no known problems:

Update the list 15-01-2013

Attention, I found a much better program, US System Cleanup

OfficeSuite: It can not be moved to the sd and not create documents, so it was.

– Timescape: timescape (timescapespline.apk), timescape widget, Linkedin timescape

POBox Touch: a keyboard in Japanese, (japaneseime_4.4.apk) and skins, Woody and Sakura.

Ant Radio: ant Wireless state notifier, ant hal service, ant radio service

– Facebook: Facebook (facebook.apk), Fbix music likes, Fbix Proxy (SEMCFacebookproxy.apk), Facebook Extension (eventstreampluginFacebook.apk), FBIxSetup (FBSetupWizard.apk), FBIxPost Viewer (postviewer.apk) Y Facebook Calendar Sync.

– Videos Unlimited (online store)

– Demonstration retailers (retaildemo_2.16.1.apk)

– 3D camera (SemcCamera3D.apk), if you do not use…you can delete

– Performance Wizard

– Update Center

– Google Talk

– Photos and videos (photowidget.apk) Widget

– Fun & Downloads (online store)

– Animated wallpapers (livewallpaper.apk)

– browser.apk (the default browser, I use Dolphin)

– Wisepilot

– Calculator

– TrackID

– Youtube

– Neo Reader

– Street View

– Talkback.apk

– timer (widgettimer.apk)

– Google Search (googlequicksearchbox.apk)

– Switch State (statusSwitch.apk)

– My uploads (mediauploader.apk)

– Magic Smoke Wallpapers (magicsmokewallpapers.apk), Wallpaper music visualization (visualizationwallpapers.apk),

– Letsgolf (letsgolf_ay.apk)

– SIM Toolkit

– Assistance (usersupport.apk)

– QC SemC Service (qcsemservice.apk)

– Xperia Sync (Omdtsynchsservicheऽpk)

– World clock (widgetworldclock.apk), Digital clock (widgetdigitalclock.apk), Digital clock 1.0

– Extension twitter (eventstreamplugintwitter.apk), Karaoke extension, letters google, wikipedia

– R2R client (I read in a forum that nothing happens if you delete, readytorun.apk)

– Data traffic (datatrafficswitch.apk)

– Animated wallpapers :Bubbles (noysefield.apk), Phase Beam and black hole (galaxy4.apk)

When we are not sure if something might happen if uninstalled, what you should do is freeze, what it means it is that They are installed, but they are not active or consuming memory. The procedure is simple, we enable USB debugging mode from settings-developer options, and then root uninstaller, entered service, let's details and force the arrest of the service, after freezing, then backup and already. If we see that in a reasonable time use everything works as usual, you can uninstall without problems.

Applications that have not tried to erase, and I hope your experience for inclusion in the list of erasable:

– Exchange Services (It serves the app Email. frozen)

– Email (if you just use Gmail, This does not serve you, although I would, semcemail.apk)

I need you to debug this list, I already took more than 2 hours doing this post. regards!

If this has served you help, You can thank me with a donation by Paypal, Thank you!!




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