Organizes and see the latest version of your apk applications from your windows

I found a great program for Windows automatically collects the information you need to stay up to date on android applications we got off our pc. The only organizes, discover if we have the latest version and allows us to rename files.


organize your android apk


It is very easy to use and is not perfect, as apps that We went down and not in google play does not recognize and if we do not compare the latest version installed.

We go to the android applications, we must go to options-settings-scan folders and add our folder.

A very useful option is the massive renamer, this in start-actions-mass remove, this change all the names taken down to something that is more clear and useful files for us. For example, in my picture we see that puts adaway.46.apk…then leave him AdAway2.7.apk , a marvel, no?

Right-click on each app, we can go to google play to see the application in 1 click, rename or delete Hard Disk. if we see it from the mobile, press in the QR code and scan it from the mobile.


Descargar LocalApk


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