Modify your android system as a custom rom with root and Xposed Framework

If change roms is not your thing, but if you've reached your mobile rootear, you should try this app called framework Xposed what allows you to make profound changes or modifications android system emulating what do custom roms today.

Steps to install:

1 – You need to be root

2 – Download and install Framework Xposed

3 – Go to the Framework section and click on install / update

4 – Restart your smartphone

5 – Then enters and seeks modules that will be useful for your phone model and Android version you have and install; later always restart the phone to activate the module installed.

notice that is not install, try, tinker and now this, must know that you are doing that is you can produce a semi-brick if instaláis and You taste like crazy. If you you get to bricking your phone or tablet, you would have to flash the recovery from a file that is created in the SD automatically called leaving the system as it was before installing and running the modules.

Another option would be to make a backup of your ROM from the recovery in case and restore it if something goes wrong.

To see which modules are available before installing, come into the web Xposed or XDA Xposed for which there.

useful modules:

– Those of you with the original rom with android KitKat 4.4.x, You can install the module Wanam Xposed which brings the following changes:

  • Enable Numeric battery (you want see the battery with a number instead of the typical bar?)
  • Clock position (Right, Center, Left, Hide) – changes the clock site
  • Change Color and Typeface of the Battery text
  • Bypass Email Exchange PIN lock restriction
  • Disable Scrolling cache
  • Skip Music with Volume buttons
  • Disable screen turn ON while plunging or unplugging AC/USB cable
  • Disable loud volume sound warning
  • Advanced Power menu: Reboot- Recovery- HotBoot- Download- Screen capture- Quick Dial number (+ Display number)- On/Off Data
  • Enable Data Roaming on home network only
  • Torch (Flashlight) Through Volume UP button
  • Long back kill App

Fashion toolkit It is based on HTC One, but also it serves for any android

Battery Themeing is to change the battery icon, There are many icons that you like to test more.

battery icons

Maximize widgets on lockscreen: Bored of the lock screen widget (that we have before unlocking mobile) always see cut and you should drag the bar to view the full? This lengthens you default!. Only for Android 4.2 onwards.


– There are also modules for customization layers as TouchWiz (samsung), Xperia, Sense (HTC) or LG G2

Which you have put you and that mobile? Comments are welcome, Thank you!


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