The best apps and tricks for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is improving gradually, never launches new options if previously are well proven to not affect the quality of the application, but you can always improve and that's this compilation of tricks and apps for android that improve or expand whatsapp.


1 – Whatsapp expands its functionality to the web, means that we can write our messages from any web browser, the truth is that this functionality is a bit heavy to comparison telegram, and here it is to make two steps to do so.

First step, from the app, we have to click on the options and then web Whatsapp, there click on the + ;at this time we open the web browser web whatsapp, We scan the code from the mobile…and already!

2 – Notification settings is very useful, for example I use pop-up notification “always show popup” and skip a box with the message ahead of everything that you can even respond without having to open Whatsapp, and so I turn to groups “No message” that is usually receive many and is heavy.

3 – To make a backup of all Whatsapp, all we need do is connect your phone to pc, whatsapp copy the entire folder and paste or on your pc or SD. Once formatted android, copy the folder back to the same place it was before and to reinstall and activate the app will tell you if you want to restore the backup that has found.

Before copying the folder on your pc or sd, we must go to chat-save settings and restart the mobile chats, and then if we do the above process.


1 – Beta updater: Whatsapp not only updated from google play, you can always have the latest unofficial version from the web. Born for this very thing this app for android, to upgrade to the latest version without having to download it from the web. Really useful and wonderful.


Download Beta updater for Whatsapp

2 – Whatsapp for Windows : Today, day 11-05-2016 WhatsApp is available for Windows 7,8 Y 10, we can download from the web. It is practically the web version made application, so there is no visible change unfortunately.

Download WhatsApp for Windows

3 – WhatsMapp: it It is an improved clone of the official application. Implying install this app is to delete the original and only have this installed.

To make it work we must first have the official app running, then go to settings chat-save chats. Then we uninstalled the official and install whatsmapp, We confirm the security code and restore chats, ready!


download WhatsMapp

4 – WCleaner y Cleaner for Whatsapp: simple yet fantastic cleaners Photo, videos, voice messages, wallpapers…which will select the files to delete one by one or the entire folder of files sent videos or images…The best I've ever seen..


Download Wcleaner to clean whatsapp O Cleaner for Watssapp

5 – Lock for Whatsapp : The aim is to put a password to read our conversations every time you open it in two ways, with a pin or a pattern.

whatslock pon password a whatsapp

Download Lock for Whatsapp

6 – Contacts Sync photo : We are used to put the faces of our contacts one by one on our agenda mobile, because now we can do the reverse. This app will catch whatsapp WhatsApp contact picture and put it on mobile contacts. Finally we have pictures of our friends or relatives of those who had no picture on the agenda.

Contacts Sync for Whatsapp photo

Download Contacts Sync photo

I will continue to utilities and tricks for adding and updating this section whatsapp, stay tuned…


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