Curiosities, tricks and things to keep in mind with your mobile or tablet android

When you've already got a while manipulating android phones and tablets, you're realizing several things if you're a newbie you lose or do not understand the why of many things. So here are the Main curious things or you should know about android:

1 – Where is the file? : One of the things that usually make you crazy is to see how You make a backup of the configuration of the android application that use both from their own menu. For example tasker, you go to the menu data-backup, you run, and this will create in the internal memory is a file that you must reimport from another mobile or from the after formatting to have everything as before.

When you connect mobile to pc, and looking for that file backup, no this, although copies in SD!!. One goes crazy looking for him until you realize that as the solution is to restart the phone and it appears….

2 – Another classic is not being able to install an application that you can not click on install, I have an article that explains that:

I can not install an apk and just let me cancel

3 – Related point 1, is when you copy a mp3 to SD to link it with a phone contact and no way to find it, the solution is again reset the smartphone.

android curiosidades trucos

4 – You want rootear mobile and for this you need the famous development options for debugging mode. You see on the phone and press 7 sometimes build number to display the development options.

5 – You've downloaded a .apk app that is not on google play and not let you install, you go to Settings-Security and Active Unknown sources.

6 – You want to see where your mobile that you have lost? First you must activate the option in settings-security-device manager. Once activated entered the google website devices and tell us where this, can block, erase data or make a sound to know where.

7 – Once an updated version of android, for example, de kitkat a lollipop, usually you can not go back (officially), so if after updating, Mobile does not work well, it is best to formatting from the settings menu, you will clean lollipop, but you can not return to kitkat.

8 – Tired of every time you install an app is placed in the main desk filling the entire screen icons? that It is removed from play store settings removing “Add icon to Home”.

To be continue…or not…


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