How to optimize the performance of your mobile Android-Pimp my rom with root

This fantastic application tunea your current ROM and allows you to make changes to improve or optimize your smartphone so that everything goes rápido.Incluso improves battery life, amazing!!

It's called Pimp my rom and you can only use that you may root.

Discharge pimp my rom and also Busybox, first install busybox and give it to install smart

Optimize your phone with pimp my rom

I will say that I have options I dared to activate, as, although it seems that everything is already activated and, I do not trust that I break everything and need to format, in fact there is an option to start making a backup in case something fails after. Create a zip I guess then should flash…to recover rom such as tapeworms before.

1 – I created a backup, just in case, desde rescue package-create a new package

2 – Go to settings and change for standard hot reboot reboot (I strongly advise you)

3 – I went to init.d support and I pressed in Test, which forces you to restart the mobile, then come and tell you if this ok or not. nEXUS 4 He tells me it is not necessary to activate it as it comes by default, in the tablet if I had to turn ON.

4 – Entrophy generator. I put it ON no more

5 – Miscellanius. Activados Optimize sqlite3 database, Ext4-file tweaks, internal SD-card teweaks (the nexus 4 motorola and no SD slot, if you have an external SD, External SD solo activa teweaks), camera quality tweaks, Battery savings y Quick power on

6 – Now I ask you to restart the phone again


IMPORTANT: For all benefit us, put a comment that you have put options and model you MOBILE !! Thank you!


1 – I have tested this program from the nexus 4 and from a tablet motorola smoothly.

2 – It is normal that sometimes you hang Owe the program and reopen it to continue.

3 – It is normal after restarting to have made the changes take longer than usual to start, but then it goes well and better.

4 – My next test will be in Kernel Teweaks, activating Disable I / O Stats and Sysctl Scheduler Tweaks, if someone does it say!!

5 – In the Nexus 4 I managed to make the battery last me day and a half, before, impossible






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