How to eliminate advertising on your mobile or smartphone android

Recently, Google has removed from the google play store programs blocking ads android applications. Asia now be installed from outside the.

Here you have several apps to remove advertising on your android:

Adaway: To me is the one I like and which I find it easier to use. You need to be root from your mobile or tablet for use. Once installed, let's preferences and we marked these options:

  • Search for updates
  • allow whitelist: This option is important because'll notice that some applications or parts thereof shall not functioned because of this program, but if you identify the web address is blocked, You can add to the whitelist options (option on the menu: their lists).

Once installed Adaway you must restart the mobile-tablet, but you will not work.

If for some reason alone is not updated every day, You can run the option to download files and implement ad blocking


Instalar Adaway (to download, go down, where it says version 2.X packages--Download apk)

Adblock Plus: Van 1.1.Las the version options are similar, select start on boot, enable filtering y hide icon.

Install AdBlock Plus

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