How to access the hidden menu of your Samsung Galaxy. That is the Flash counter

In everyone Samsung Galaxy, there are several hidden menus accessed only by a code to write as if we scored a phone number to call someone. Accessing this menu we can know many things that we can ever need. I'll put the most useful:


– Phone Info: You can pinging, define the preferred network type

– Battery Info

– Usage statistics

– wifi Information: in the sub-menu wifi status, you know that ip, ssid, the mac and you pinging





Here you can change the behavior of the power button of your galaxy. If you disable this option what happened is that when you give the button on your smartphone, will no longer put options silent, vibration or turn off the terminal, but off no more.


To enter the hidden menu mode service. To pull back using the 1st physical button and then Back

Debug Screen

Version Info- Sw Version- Read IMEI (know the IMEI), Read SW version..

HW Version- read HW version



To see only your IMEI


Information screen of your PDA and your CSC version, (“Country Specific Code” that is the configuration data APN, MMS, etc… Of each country.)


Factory data reset. The same option is in-privacy settings, does not erase any of the SD.


EYE!!! Elmina everything and it does not allow cancel. It is a complete restoration of mobile.

Flash counter: If we have modified our terminal with customized roms or roteado with Odin, It depends on how we have done, an internal counter value will rise to No 1, it meant that if it breaks down and sent it to repair, They will tell you that he has been manipulated and lose warranty.

How to know if the flash is not counter to 0. We must enter into download mode and there will. Si pone en Custom binary download: NO, It is that the counter is to 0, other value means the opposite. Ascertain as it enters the download mode for your particular mobile.



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