How to access the hidden menu of your Sony Xperia.Bootloader blocked and IMEI

In everyone Sony Xperia, there is a hidden menu that is accessed only by a code we will write as if we scored a phone number to call someone. Accessing this menu we can know many things that we can ever need.

Typing this code like a telephone number *#*#7378423#*#* We get into the service menu and to know different things:

Service info- Configuration, which you know your IMEI and Rooting Status serving to see if you can unlock the bootloader. Bootloader unlock allowed = YES o NO

Service info-Model info, we know that we model mobile (model: LT18i, for example)

Service info-Software Version we know that we have firmware version (in my case 4.1.B.0.587). There are also more details.


Service info- Sim Lock, if this window, there is an X in Network, It means that this is not blocked and you can put a sim from another company.


Service Tests, you can make a testing various hardware elements of your smartphone. You can test the camera, bluetooth, gps, screen, battery…etc

– If your smartphone Xperia is free, there will be a cross on Network and rooting status is YES. If not free and you bought an operator, simlock will have an X and rooting status will be in NO.

To unlock the serving bootloader. It serves to put new roms to your xperia or to put a sim from another operator and be free of ties.

– Here is a manual of how to unlock the bootloader and if you can do it or not.

If not a free mobile, and you have even the permanent contract with your operator, always you can do so by paying a company to do it for you. Some sites that do are: DoctorSim O Codesimeis

If your long-term contract with the operator is over, the company It is required to be able to break free mobile, so you know that if you put any excuse, you must insist.

If this has served you help, You can thank me with a donation by Paypal, Thank you!!




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