Secret code, hidden menu and specific applications huawei honor 7

All phones have generally their secret code to enter configuration options, tests and information that we do not find anywhere else.

As you enter the hidden menu Huawei Honor 7? you have to open the phone app and dialing code:


Unlike Honor hidden code 6 This mode has no hidden hardware tests, everything is informative and there is an option that strikes me, in backgrud settings-usb port settings gives you the option to switch between modes and Google-manufacture hisuite, curious would try putting google passing mode?

Veneer informations have available in all hardware and software which honor. You can also restore the system from here to point 5-restore factory.

honor code secret 7


1 – Repairman notifications : This app will eliminate duplicate or triplicate notifications whatsapp, telegram o google (not necessary if you have already upgraded to version B170)

remove notifications honor 7

Notifications fixer download

2 – Delete icon sim : You get the icon of the second sim but you do not use 2 sims, because this app will remove that icon. In principle to the B121 update removes the icon, but if you still appears, you know how to remove it. (not necessary if you have already upgraded to version B170)

remove sim honor icon 7

Download Sim Icon

3 – Permissions manager : Give or remove permissions unnecessary applications installed and also manages the boot loader on your android and specifically anyone with the version of EMUI 3.1 .

permission manager

download PM

4 – Information about firmware versions of the brand Huawei, which also includes the brand Honor. Today 21-1-1016 I have installed and do not leave neither the update to b140 or b170 honor 7, so it seems that not updated when, yet it is interesting as are the links to the updates.

huawei honor and firmwares

Huawei firmwares download


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