Secret code, hidden menu, tricks and android apps for Huawei Honor 8

Honor 8 and all phones have their secret codes to access some menus internal hardware tests or even to change some hidden features that otherwise would be impossible.

As you enter the hidden menu of Huawei Honor 8? you have to open the phone app and dial these codes:


1 – Background settings : It consists of several selectable options such as mode of behavior connector (as google, as factory or hisuite) or get android logs to analyze later (You, loading or while sleeping mobile)

2 – Veneer Informations : There are 4 options information on the device, version, itself is manufactured and other info with IMEI and serial number)

3 – Software Upgrade : option that can prove to be very useful once, as it allows upgrading the system to a new version putting the update files on the SD, binder “dload”.


1 – Information on the phone : Information on the radio or pinging to see if we have internet

2 – Usage statistics : Airtime application to application, and the last time that we open that app.

3 – WIFI Information : Everything about wireless connection that these can also be connected and pinging.


With this we get on one screen the relevant information about IMEI, serial number etc.…


1 – How to prevent applications that should be continuously running even if you turn off the screen to close your honor 8? go to settings-battery-Close applications when the screen is locked and uncheck those that do not want to be closed.

2 – complementary to 1, We have the option to tell android you do not want an application never closes; the best example is whatsapp, so go to settings-applications-settings-special access-change omission battery optimizers “allowed” by “All applications”-search the app and put whatsapp allowed.

3 - To make a quick photo, with the screen off press twice the volume -

4 - To change the default storage to SD, we must go to settings-memory- default location

5 – There is multi-window mode, enough with hold the square we used to see all open apps and activated so we will see an application on top and one below; if we keep the finger will return to normal.


Shortcutter: Interesting application for our honor 8 allowing utilities to add bar “quick settings” , you can put the UI System Tuner , also direct access to GPS settings among other shortcuts. When installing the app, You can enable the options for that we have root, then go to quick settings-edit and put access of your taste.

download Shortcutter


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