WhatsApp changes for improved messaging hyper clone called Telegram

He was born the natural replacement for Whatsapp and It called Telegram. Why I call it Natural? why when you install, You distinguish not know each other, only the colors, which they are blue. All improvements that will constantly ask implement Whatsapp, the has Telegram.

Discover the improvements that have Telegram against Whatsapp:

All messages are encrypted, which gives security that WA does not have

There is a private Chat, in which nothing is stored in the cloud, only they can have the user who receives and sends him and self-destruct or if you delete them, You can never recover-the.

Private chat Telegram


– there Windows version!

telegram the windows

No version for iPhone and AndroidIt is forever free and has no ads, We forget the message that says, you are 2 days of service!

– It is almost a clone WA, whereby You not have to learn anything new to make it work

Spend less ram that Whatsapp

Telegram uses less RAM than whatsapp

It is faster, sending messages does not have any lag, there is that little lag when sending messages disappears.

Lets you send all types of files, I have sent a apk from the same app, the list of folders on the SD card opens and send whatever you want and no limit Mb, good, until 1 Gb. also they sent mp3, zip, etc…

send all kinds of files with Telegram

You can have open version of Windows and mobile at the same time, a session does not close the other, I just tested a message from the mobile and has appeared in windows me instantly.

It works on Tablets and Ipad

– They say that if you ever need to put some payment, will be essential not only options for work or through voluntary donations.

No If you have the voice messaging, already they have been added.

To remove your profile and delete all data stored on servers Telegram, you must be low in this link putting your phone number.

Telegram download for android

Download Telegram for Iphone

Telegram download for Windows

Download Telegram for Chrome

Telegram download for Mac OS

The truth, if this does not succeed, not succeed ninguno.Tu you think?

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