Speed ​​up your internet data connection on Android

This application android called speed internet, your connection speed up data at maximum speed download and upload.

In the comments on the application there are people who work and others not, and it says developer, but I can say it works, because I used the speedtest app before and after the patch.

It has two modes of operation, root is more effective with the patch, without root may not go the same, but you can also activate. with root, activa apply patch, sin root improve internet connection.

To check, before running the patch, we will use the app SpeedTest, we first test with data connection, then install speed internet, parcheamos and again to return to test speedtest.


accelerates internet on your android

I put the data that gave me my test:

without Patch – Data Connection – 8,625 kbps down – 520 kbps rise

with Patch – Data Connection – 9492 Kbps – 2358 kbps upload

Get off the internet optimizer for Android from Google Play. Internet Speed Try and see if you like my work.


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