4 applications to accelerate or remove the lag to your android phone or tablet as root

Exist several applications, being root, you can eliminate the lag,(slowness) or accelerate your mobile, o en android smartphone tablet. The lag is that delay or slow you have to open or close applications or simply moving between screens or desktops of your android.

as a tip, I think it is common sense is not activate and install them all at once, if you are testing a, skip while other do the same…

I'll put four applications that accelerate your smartphone as root:

Seeder: this is the one I use, and it really is a wonder, noticeable change very fast. You may have to restart the phone the first time after installing. I promise you will not regret installing.

You can be obtained in two ways, it is worth paying, (worth) or using Aptoide ;).

agiliza tu android

download Seeder Not official

LagFix: You must know, what first of all, you have to install an application to see if you can use lagfix No problem, since in certain mobile (galaxy s2 the note), can cause serious irreparable mistake and stop working your mobile (BrickBug). This I have tried to install, but tells me that is not compatible with my xperia arc s.

This is a free version and a premium payment….or is also Aptoide…

quita el lag de tu movil android

Look before you if you have the brickBug Download Free lagfix Lagfix Premium

sEFix: Free and promises the same as the previous. I have not tried it, because currently I'll take seeder and I will not put two applications that do the same at the same time..

download sEFix

SD Speed Increase: As the name says, accelerates your typing speed SD Blast, and the truth is that is very noticeable change. I say that note, that is installed before the seeder, and a couple of weeks later with seeder it was and pump. Free version has no ads and payment.

Descarga SD Speed Increase Unofficial download

If this has served you help, You can thank me with a donation by Paypal, Thank you!!


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