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This is an example of a free scan for SEO positioning a web:

Title, description and keywords:

1- The title of the homepage is perfect 9/10. My first 9, My congratulations

2- internal descriptions- 9/10 . Awesome… Congratulate who have made your website

3- The keywords are placed on the web. 9/10

4- keyword positions: very good

5- The loading speed of the web. 3.63s, Google recommends 1.5s – 7/10

6- Use tables instead of div. 3/10 -AND

7- Backlinks. apart from facebook, I only see three. 4/10 .

8- Sitemap sitemap and robots there .NO. There is NO robots. 0/10

9- Friendly URL. AND- 10/10

10- Optimised images for the web. – 4/10

11- Images: optimized for SEO. NO. 0/10


– The design is fast and is fast all. 10/10


Has Facebook . Perfect, but you do not have linkado from web. 5/10


The code of webmaster tools NOT post. It serves to check the status of the page,visits and know that a customer makes in its web. This factor is very important, not for positioning, but for your website and know you are looking for a person to suit customer-facing.

Final score:

The final rating is a 6,8/10 level of indexing in Google Search.
Really It is the best note I put in an analysis so far. If we improve all the final sections of the web, and it would be a 9/10