Browse, send mails and sms or private anonymously online

It is one thing that has always struck me how far we can become anonymous Internet. Nowadays there are cookies, JavaScript codes and several ways to find out what you're doing at all times when you open your browser. And not only that, as well certain have installed applications that ask us that famous option “allow to send anonymous statistics“, and that is that we ask, the others do and point.

– Anonymous internet browsers:

Tor Browser: It seems that this It is the most famous anonymous browsers, who uses the army and all. Plagiarisms of disables all java, flash…etc. risk and warns you when you go to open a downloaded file as a pdf or Word… you should not open. Nor can watch YouTube videos.


navegar anonimamente con tor

download Tor

Google Chrome: also has its concealment system itself, but, before it has to check that your web history this disabled so that the experience is complete. It is accessed from the wrench icon and then “New incognito window ". But, before, we will check that your web history this disabled. Y, later, also you have to leave your session google for the system to work. Anyway, I prefer to use the above before doing all this move.

Internet Explorer has its inPrivate system which is accessed from the Tools menu and Firefox has his from start private browsing, also from tools.

– Send Anonymous E:

Anonimailer: it I sent it instantly, also with all sections completed correctly, Hotmail detects spam me as possible, but I would not sent directly to the folder unwanted. Also out this warning at the end that tells you that paying, no longer put that notice.


envio de mail 2


Anonymouse: There are several of these senders of anonymous mails, but maybe, This is the easiest to do serve. I just try to send one, Y It has taken 35 min to arrive, automatically it is gone to my spam folder in Hotmail and puts forwards as name Anonymous along with a mail invented.


mail anonimo1


– Send SMS Anonymous:

Here I put 3 enviadores de SMS free, I have not tried yet, but here are your links:


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