Google knows everything about your privacy, because we have left

google y tu privacidad

The other day, I was visiting my profile in Google opening all links configuration, data and other things. When I saw an option saying : Google privacy: Control Panel. So I opened it to snoop.

What I saw, I let the willies, although it is understandable, since I have given him permission to all that Google has asked me to access all its magnificent applications.

But what I saw, stripe exaggeration. I'll put a real example. From my Android phone (those that when you start your new Smartphone you ask for a gmail account), I put an alarm in the calendar for x day with a note…good, because there is, this in the control panel!! Goes the title of my alarm and the date on which it should sound! and so all.

Android Market…I know the applications and what is the last one installed. I know that mobile(brand and model), my contacts through gmail, to twitter accounts I'm following (but, twitter is google?), I have documents in google docs, I live from my location google maps, I read from google Reader or Currents, my to do list, photos on picasa…I follow?.

You can access from Google Dashboard

I have accounts in almost all Google apps, because I look very good and useful, and now I'm not going to change my mind, although frightens all I see.

That you think you, all continue like this, or are you going to borraros?



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