Getting to know the coordinates X,And a site or place in Google Maps

Sometimes, we may need to know the longitude and latitude of a particular location, either a web or a gps, so I will tell you two ways to activate or to see it from google maps


1 – We access Google maps from this address Google Maps Labs.

Activate the tool and LatLng LatLng Marker. I have also enabled smart zoom option.

google maps coordinates labs know


Once activated, It will be as simple as moving to the place we want to know the coordinates, put the mouse over where you want and press the SHIFT or Shift (No block Desperate).

2 – The other option is to simply find the place you want, click the right mouse button and select What's here , this will create a green marker in the map what if later click in the, the coordinates are open so we can copy.


know coordinates x,and a place in maps


The coordinate format is 42.406918, 0.741314. In which, 42.406918 It will be the X coordinate and one Y.

Have some coordinate some interesting place to discover?


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