How to unlock files in Windows with these programs release

Everyone has ever happened to us, especially in XP or Vista, we wanted to delete a folder or file, and windows told us that the file was blocked and could not be deleted.

El típico mensaje deno se puede eliminar el fichero.Acceso denegado. Esta siendo usado por otra persona o programa”. Good, because it still keeps happening in all versions of Windows, aunque en el 7 in 8 less.

So here I present 2 programs that do the same, unlock those files to delete them when we want:

Unlocker: This is the oldest of all, It takes many years updating tool, even It has versions for 32 Y 64 bits. Es todo un clásico. En algunos casos te dice que es necesario reiniciar el pc para que los borre al arrancar el solito.

elimina archivos bloqueados


Iobit Unlocker: This is a newer program and is not a veteran like the other, pero según tengo entendido funciona muy bien, I have installed to try and prettier design.

elimina carpetas bloqueadas windows

Iobit Unlocker

In both you do not need to go find the folder and add it from the program, but con el botón derecho del ratón encima del archivo o carpeta a eliminar ya podemos abrir los unlockers.


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