Applications to save and restore the position of desktop icons in Windows 1 click

Since I have installed Windows 10 me something new happens, when you charge older games or open with a different screen resolution, to shut, my desk and my icons are all aligned differently than I had before, what if, we talk about 70 icons placed in a certain way, it becomes a very annoying problem.

Así que aquí tenéis 2 little ones programas que os harán copias de seguridad de vuestra disposición de los iconos en el escritorio de Windows. In these programs, con un simple clic , you will return to have the icons on your site as if nothing had happened.

Reicon : I'm excited to say, but yesterday the application translated to Spanish, send it to the web and in 1h had updated the program with my translation, so yesterday already have the program translated into Spanish (a 10 for the maintainer of the program for its speed).

The program is so simple that when you start, click on the drawing diskette to save the order of the desktop icons or the clock with the arrow to restore.


Web ReIcon download Reicon

DesktopOK : Another great application to save your scheme windows desktop icons with more options such as autosave 4 copies or only save the order of icons when it detects a change (which is quite useful because if we forget, he does for you).


Web DesktopOK download DesktopOK

3 – Hay una manera para erradicar el problema de la descolocación de los iconos en windows 10, y se hace entrando al registro de Windows y haciendo unos cambios, todo viene detallado en este documento que os adjunto para erradicar el grave problema.Gracias a Conocimiento adictivo.

Manual para Windows 10, como solucionar la desordenacion de iconos


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