List of radio frequencies or bands 3G, 4G, LTE, FDD in Spain

The aim of this collection of bands will serve me (possibly) change my Nexus 4 for the excellent Huawei Honor 6, and since I've looked I, I put a collection bands current mobile radio in Spain.

If you want to know what each company uses mobile coverage in Spain , you can read this post

Update: 24-10-2016

Spain uses these bands or frequencies:

Band 800 (B20) : The main cause that we have run out of those channels that some much we liked as the Sixth 3 the Xplora. Is the new band 20 4G LTE, operational since April 2015.

Band 900 (B8) : It is used for 3G GSM. Operational since September 2011.

– Band 1500 (B35) : new future 4G , currently unimplemented by any operator.

Band 1800 (B3) : It is used for 3G and 4G LTE GSM. Operational since July 2013.

Band 2100 (B1) : It is used for 3G TDD and FDD.

Band 2600 (B7) : used for LTE 4G when the band 1800 It is saturated.

Band 3500 (B42) : It used in rural environments via WiMax

What does it mean FDD y p

Web to see if your new phone will have the coverage needed to operate in your country : Will My phone work

So, Given these data, let's see specifications huawei honor 6 to see if it is compatible in Spain.


Model: H60-L02 (Chinese model)

2G: GSM 850/900 (B8)/1800 (B3)/1900 MHz
3G: WCDMA B1(2100MHz)/B8(900MHz)
4G: FDD-LTE: B3(1800MHz) ; P-LTE: B41(2496-2690MHz)

This would be compatible with the official mobile frequencies in Spain?

2G – covered with the band 900 Y 1800

3G – B1 and B8 covered

4G – covered with B3, the B41 is for Chinese

Definitely, this mobile will serve to Spain, but when the band used in Spain 800, this mobile not catch that signal 4G, but if the B3( will not eliminate those now if they are compatible, so there mobile for a while).

Xiaomi Mi5S

2G: GSM 850/900 (B8)/1800 (B3)/1900

3G: WCDMA B1(2100MHz)/B8(900MHz)

4G: FDD-LTE: B3(1800MHz) B7 (2600MHz)

this phone, the only one that it does not cover son the two new bands 4G, the 800 (which was the TV before) and the 1500 which it is not only implemented in Spain, whereby, perfect smartphone to buy.



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