Automates your mobile android with Tasker and other apps, tell him to do in each situation

After a long time with tests and trials with different applications, I've finally found a way to make the mobile “most” what I want when I commanded.

If we do all what indicated in this manual, get the mobile turn off all Internet connections from one hour to another, we activate the GPS automatically when you turn on maps or waze, prevent are at the same time data and wifi, enable BT to enter the car and every x min mobile connects to the Internet even if you have the display off.

I'll explain that I have achieved so far with a mix of applications that do almost everything I want.


operations Bags (Play Store) Descarga tasker no oficial

night mode or How to make mobile off wifi, data, synchronization and set the volume to 0 so do not bother us at night:

1 – Click on the + and Time, We choose the time everything is disconnected and time ending (00:00h and ends at 8 in the morning) we pull back and then New Task, we wrote “night mode”, We accept and then + select NETWORK – Auto-sincr.- Set off and throw back. Again + RED – Mobile network off. + RED – Wifi on off. + Audio settings – Silent mode and put on; pulling back we see 4 settings together in a list. We pull back and be created new activation.

2 – Now we need all this back to normal at 8 in the morning. Hold down the finger on “night mode” and select Add task output, then New Task, we wrote “day mode”, We accept and we repeat the same process above, but putting everything in on and off Silent Mode.

– As avoid that they are connected to both the data of the mobile network and wifi at the same time:

+ State-RED-connected to WiFi – to take back – new Task, we wrote “data Off”, we accept, RED-Red Mobile-Off and pull back.

– How connect the GPS when we launch an application like Google Maps, waze or other program you use. ATTENTION: we need to be root for this purpose.

1 -We got off the app Secure Settings, then HELPER and install the app Helper (this serves to give root permissions to tasker to enable GPS)

2 – Abrimos Bags, + application – Maps we scored only or both at once, We took to back. new task – “GPS on”, + Plugin – Secure Settings- Select the pencil in configuration and select GPS (en Helper Actions) y ON, Now click in small floppy disk to store and then back 2 times.

3 – hold down “GPS on” and click on “Add Task Output” – new task – “GPS OFF” – + Plugin – Secure Settings- Select the pencil in configuration and select GPS (en Helper Actions) y OFF, Now click in small floppy disk to store and then back 2 times.

Operations Autamateit:

With the free version we can use this handy system. We down automateit

My objective is Bluetooth automatically turn on when we are in our car to make and receive calls. I have not gotten it to work perfectly, but work works.

1 – Once installed create a new rule and as a trigger seek “Activity trigger recognition”- By car – following – Action: On / off Bluetooth – Bluetooth ON – Next put the name and details of the rule.

2 – Now we turn it off when we're not in the car. We will create a trigger with state AND ON AND Bluetooth bluetooth device (any device) offline, Bluetooth put off action, delayed execution 1 O 5 Cancel minutes delayed by trigger execution if the Bluetooth device is connected.

As you can see there are many more options to try, but to exploit the program , you will need the Pro version that allows multiple rules or triggers at once, with free only allows a trigger and a ruler.

Update 6-11-2013 : operations Battery Saver manager 3G:

I found one that works much better, I have put this warmed my Nexus and was spending more battery than save it, The new is called manager 3G

Turns the wireless and data automatically every X minutes if we have the screen off. In addition to enable connections to unlock the screen every which we do.

When installed, let's Settings Manager and activate Enable…and then we can set options, entre las cuales la mejor es la de dormir el gestor cuando estemos durmiendo! …para que habilitar internet si no vamos a leer nada, pues se autoapaga a las horas que le digamos!!

Todas son apps de pago, pero hay otras formas de conseguirlas sin pagar, revisad mi blog😉


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