How to repair the windows boot disk and partition change

When you install Windows 7, vista, 8 O 10, automatically it creates a hidden folder named “boot” where files are responsible to boot Windows, when you have a single hard drive no problems, but when you have more than you might have this error.

You are in this situation? You have multiple hard drives in your PC and have installed windows 7, 8, 10 in c:\ and suddenly you decide that the 2nd hard drive is old and you want to change, so I disconnect the pc and put a new one as a secondary, while your main disk is still connected equal. Then you turn on your pc and passing? tells you not find the Windows boot files. From this point you can raise a thousand things, but you find that putting old again as it was, windows restarts…


1 – You are in the situation that you are make a backup and tells you that you can not because your disk d:\ system is and you no longer get more units?

2 – You wonder why you say that d:\ It is a system partition, when the system is installed in c:\windows ?

If we go to Disk Manager tells you clearly that d:\ It is also a system unit and if you want to change or format does not leave us?

3 – If we open D:\ and we go to control panel folder options-and deactivate the View tab “Hide protected operating system files”, we see that a hidden folder called appears “boot”?

see hidden files folder windows boot boot

Then you'll have to fix it with this manual to change the secondary disk enabled as system partition by one again be simple and then you can reformat or remove it from the pc to put another. I hope I made myself clear…

HOW TO CHANGE THE WINDOWS boot files to another partition

1 – The first thing we're going down this program called EasyBCD

2 – We open Easy DCB and we will copy / arreglarBCD-change the boot disk-perform action. If indeed your boot files are on another drive other than c:\ , you will see clearly that has a * on the drive where is the boot. We must change it to c:\ and click on agree.

With this we have done the first step, Now comes the next…

change boot drive files

3 – Immediately thereafter, we restart the PC and enter the BIOS; to enter the bios there pcs that use different keys to enter. Just restart, even when the monitor is in black, you have to press (It depends on the brand) F2 or F10 or Delete key until you exit the BIOS screen; if we start to see loading the windows as usual we restart again to get.

Once in the bios we should go to the section of the order they loaded hard disks or dvd, according to the bios you can change the nomenclature but would boot secuence, boot order, boot priority…and once there let the reader as first dvd (first), c disk:\ where the windows as 2nd and des-enable the following or leave them unassigned (especially that disc d:\ not appear in the boot order). Then save your changes and start windows.

4 – In theory it should already be arranged, but we can check in from windows disk manager if you have gone that d:\ It is a system disk or also starting EasyBCD and see if it is no longer the * in d:\ ; or see if c:\ the boot has appeared hidden folder.

5 – As a final test, will quench windows and will disconnect the hard drive D:\ current to later start the PC and see if it starts by itself.




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