How to print on your home printer from the Internet or mobile with Google Chrome

Chafardeando by Google Chrome options, I found an option that is not seen with the naked eye, unless the look. This Settings-Advanced-Enable Google Cloud Print connector.

habilitar impresora en internet

What makes this connector, It is to register your impresora Google Cloud (if you read my previous story about that google knows everything about you, now you see that printer will also know that you have and if you are a buyer you spend money or not), and will connect with all Google applications so you can print from anywhere, even from mobile (thing I just try and it is perfect from google drive, I guess the same from google docs).

It also works for network printers, It is that many brands of printers are putting a new logo in their models. The technology is called Eprint, and they are available in Hp, Canon, Epson and Kodak

Good, when we enabled connector and entered the web Google Cloud Print, we will have the connected printer and we can make a test print from mobile, that easy!

Let's look at these three steps, as printing from a mobile; in the first, google docs loaded drive or open a document and, then press the Options menu and select “open web mode”, then the two arrows up next to the title of the document and print, where will the printer of your home or work.

We have a administrator of the print settings from Chrome, where we can add or remove printers that do not want to be in the cloud.

If we are away from home and we can think of print from a foreign pc to our, we walk into the Web GCPrint, loguearnos with our user, and then clicking PRINT, we will open an option that says “upload file to print” to upload a document and print it at home. Definitely, a breakthrough technology.

impresoras en google cloud print

Android, I advise you get off the application Cloud Print wave official google, and when you open any document with this program, so you can print. from Gmail, when opening any attached pdf or word, only you will have to give you will print and the printer that you have configured in Google Cloud Print



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