Mail apparently false or domain expiration notice

If you received an email of this type, like me, you can give you realize that you probably have forgotten to renew the domain and will warn that x day expires and you have to pay.

Just go to your hosting and urgently renew it if you will not lose.

In my mailbox get a certificate error that gives bad vibes, I put you in the picture, it is still true, since then the links in the mail do not lead to any outside web.

mail domain expiration

I put the mail:

Dear Mr / Mrs.,

We inform you that the day xx / 0x / 201x finalizes the renewal period of the domain name “”.

Please note that so far the Registrar “TUHOSTING”, responsible for its management, It has not undertaken the renovation. So, in case you are interested in renewing your domain name contact your registrar to proceed to renew.

We remind you that if there is a problem to renew your domain through your current Agent, You can contact another accredited registrar, or without Agent and manage on your own domain name.

We inform you that, if after the expiry date we have had no proof of payment, the domain name will be temporarily disabled. You can view the Expiration Date of your domain from the search engine available in

Later, if payment of the relevant fee for the renewal of the domain name does not occur, this will cause low by default, then being a free for assignment.

If you want any further clarification you can contact our Customer Service Centre on telephone 902 010 755 or by e-mail

public company


So in this case is a true email !!


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