HTC Sensation Analysis (review)

análisis Htc Sensation

I had during 4 months on the job, so I will discuss the details of this mobile. But not everything that glitters is gold ... we'll see that ...


It's a nice design, really do not have to press buttons, but everything is touch, It helps a lot and is more comfortable to use.

Its screen is very large (4,3″) and high image quality.


It has the WiFi access point, what, xperia arc s as, You can share your 3G signal to another device via wifi, and the truth that I tried it and it works great, although sometimes it cuts if they call you on the phone at the same time.

RAM is 1Gb, Y, the truth that installed and installed programs and never bothered me that, It is doing pretty Sobrado.

The processor is a Dual core a 1,2 Ghz, and really notice, everything flies on this device.

The camera (8 mpx) It makes good pictures, but it depends on the quality situation worsens significantly, which it does not happen with xperia arc s, your photos are always perfect.

Sound, we can say that sounds, what it sounds fatal!; hardly hear when they call you, hardly hear when you're talking, also distorts, anyway, a disaster!.

The applications, this is another burden (Too bad I could not test it on ICS), the word “forced closure” tapeworm in the soup. installed 10 applications and I knew that sooner or later I would resume the Android interface. I had to restart the constantly moving everything back to normal and also what format 2 times.

Terminal temperature, I'm not exaggerating, but I get to burn your hands after using it continuously using apps or games, or even charging the battery. In summer, with that stuck to your ear and hot, It is very uncomfortable.

The battery did not last me anything, but of course, It was the motive for the job and it showed. Most of the time, at noon he had to re-load it from the 20%.

It is an odyssey to see the mobile screen on certain exposures to sunlight, reflexes can not see anything and you have to put maximum brightness to see something.

Final summary:

If you want a powerful mobile and very fluid, without worrying about the Mb used by apps and a camera that is fine…you know

If you want a phone that just doorbells or telephone conversations are heard, the battery runs out fast, you burn in the hands of how hot it gets when using a while continued or that you hang the htc sense interface every 2×3 when installing apps…It is not your Smartphone.

Final note: 5,9


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