Solution I can not install an apk application and I can only cancel

This has happened to me a few days ago, suddenly, I tried to install a downloaded from Dropbox application and I went out the window to install as usual, but as much as I esforzase, I could not install, as the install button is pressed and could not just let cancel.

Researching the topic, is that all the problem comes from any application that we recently installed and is fingered brightness or screen colors, so curious is the problem.

In my case it has been Twilight, this app relaxes the eye with a reddish tones that makes you say costs less sleep if you are using the mobile just before sleep or while you're in bed. It can be configured to skip this error automatically from advanced configuration options and payment Pro version.

Managers brightness or adding an extra layer of color, that do not allow installing apps on android once enabled:

– Lux

– glovebox

Night Owl – Screen Dimmer (Night Bird), (gracias Adonay)

– clear blue filter (thanks Giovanni)

– Night (thanks Donaldo)

– Dimly (thanks Alvaro)

– Screen Filter (thanks Cristian)

– Night Mode (thanks maple)

– Darker (thanks Jackie)

– Juice defend the brightness on auto (default is disabled)

– Flash or Flash Front Front (thanks Saul)

– Midnight (Night mode). (Thanks Sabhy Araux and Jesus)

– Eye Filter (thanks Salva)

Battery managers or notification applications install applications that do not allow as :

– Battery doctor

Battery Extender Go (thanks Edgar)

– Power Battery (Gracias Efebe)

– Battery mix

– Pixel battery saver (thanks Matias)

– Echo dynamic notifications

– Headup notifications (thanks Emmanuel)

Other applications:

Tasker con modos Escena activados (thanks Fabin)

Volume Unlock (thanks Vicente)

– Copy Bubble (thanks Paul)

– My Phone Explorer (gracias FISU)

– Status Bar Pro (Thanks, David)

– gesture Launcher (thanks Juancho)

– Buzz Launcher ( thanks Luis Mendez)

Macrodroid (thanks Camilo) “no es necesario desinstalar la app, if not simply disable the macros.”

So you know that does not let install a android app android, can be any brightness manager, optimizer color or a battery that has options brightness or notification manager.

Since I find it short article, I will tell as install applications from outside Google Play, sure most know it, but, It is not less put.

To enable installation of apps or downloaded from apk Internet, you must activate in settings option Unknown origins and already you off problems.

IMPORTANT: If you found an app that is not on the list, put it into a comment and will save headaches for many more people, Thank you!!!



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