I am root in Android, now that I can make and install and serving

Here I'll put a Application List so you can see what we can do when we've got the root in our mobile.

When we are root, We find in the list of apps one that will be called superuser or SuperSU, just you have to configure anything on them, the most useful is if you want to ask you to give permission to an application or remove that warning.

UPDATED 05-10-2016

To begin with, these sure you're root, or would you rather check with root check ?

1 – To do internal modifications with the other applications you will be asked

Busybox, We install and within it we click on install

2 – Remove advertising of google in my android applications

We down Adaway, install, We apply the patch and restart the mobile.

3 – I want change CPU frequencies to consume less battery

SetCPU, CPU Tuner O No flills- CPu control

4 – I want to me not to start applications that do not use when you turn the phone

Startup Manager or fuller All in One Toolbox which deletes temporary, app to sd and much more.

5 – I want to stop applications that consume memory I have opened but that are still running although close.


6 – application accelerate speed Internet and 3G

Internet Speed

7 – app accelerate the speed writing and reading my SD card external

SD Speed Increase (Pay now) Not official

8 – I want reduce lag or slowness of my smartphone or tablet

Seeder, Lagfix O SeFix

9 – I want install the Recovery to flash roms or updates:

Rom Manager O X-Parts (Sony Xperia) CWM duration of Recovery tools TWRP duration of CWM

10 – I want a all in one to tune my mobile or tablet as I want:

SystemCleanUp, Rom Toolbox , Root Booster

11 – I want a shortcut to reboot, shutdown or restart in recovery mobile without having to open any application

Quick Reboot QuickBoot

12 – I want to access and power edit files or folders into the system

Root Browser , Solid Explorer (Trial 14 days)

13 – App to make a backup of my entire rom without entering the recovery and also able to navigate within files saved

Nandroid Manager + Online Nandroid Backup (It required to have busybox installed)

14 – Android system optimizers, sets internal parameters to optimize battery, boot, everything in general, modifies the kernel, cpu… only root.

L Speed HEBF Optimizer Root Toolbox

15 – Lower new custom roms to install them from the app

Rom Manager, Rom Installer

16 – Change the font or font system

Font Installer

17 – For advanced user, modify your system without installing any android rom with independent modules.

Framework Exposed

18 – Crackea or pirates your favorite apps, remove ads or install patches available within the app.

Lucky Patcher

19 – Convert your applications with integrated purchases within the app for free.

Freedom Freedom latest versions Alpha (It takes to download)

19A : When you will install and run apps, when executing a freedom from you can make a payment and see clearly as when making payment FreeCardXXX out just before making payment. If you have a password for purchases (like me), You should put it seems that then go and pay with your card but it is not true, You can complete the free transaction.

20 – It warms you mobile without doing anything special to be, even without using? It is a fairly common mistake that affects android far as. Well this app ensures that you will solve that calenton.

coolify to cool your android

There is more, sure many more, someone puts me other to analyze and put in this article? Thank you!!



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